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GlarEnd Shroud Hat

GlarEnd Shroud Hat

The GlarEnd Shroud Hat is the perfect solution to sunglare when hunting with scopes and glasses. Simply pull the drawsting, bringing the shroud forward over the rifle scope to block out sun glare and enhance your focus when shooting.  FREE SHIPPING!!!  See Additional Product Info below! *** Custom Logos for your business can be put on the hat for an additional $5.00/ea.(Minimun Order of 30 hats)****

    How to use the GlarEnd Shroud:

    1) While wearing the GlarEnd Shroud, unzip the pouch.

    2) Locate the drawstring on the shroud.

    • A. For Quick Release: Quickly pull the drawstring, releasing the shroud from the pouch, pull over your head, and over the scope or lenses.
    • B. For Slow/ Quiet Release: Grab entire shroud inside the pouch, maintaining the drawstring in grasp. Pull the shroud up out of the pouch and use the drawstring to pull it over your head, and over the scope or lens.

    3) Adjust the shroud as needed for usage and aid the magnets in the front connect if desired.

    Refolding the GlarEnd Shroud (How to video on website and YouTube):

    1) Start with backside of shroud facing up. Fold each side in to the center.

    2) Fold in half by bringing the drawstring side up to the pouch.

    3) Fold in half again by bringing the bottom side up.

    4) Fold into two pouch size sections then fold backward into pouch.

    5) Ensure that drawstring is facing up and accessible for re-usage.

    Product Warnings:

    1) User must wear ear protection while using with a firearm.

    2) User must wear eye protection while using with a firearm.

    3) Not intended for use with semi- automatic or archery weapons.

    4) Remove shroud from over a weapon when ejecting casings from bolt action rifles.

    5) The shroud will block ALL peripheral vision. As with all firearms, use the product with absolute awareness of your surroundings.


    We accept returns on unused, unaltered products in original packaging with all accompanying manuals, instructions and accessories within 30 days of shipping.

    If a product is defective upon recieving, please contact us by email. We will accept it with a detailed explanation of the defect, and picures attached in the email. Subject to validation upon receipt of the product

    Any returns received that do not adhere to the unused or defective guidlines will be returned to the customer at their expense. When possible, the expense will be charged to the credit card on file for the purchase.


    Shipping and Handeling: FREE SHIPPING


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