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The GlarEnd Shroud

The Patent Pending GlarEnd Shroud is pulled over your head and around your scope, placing you in a semi- tunnel that blocks sun glare from the scope and your eyes. The shroud is light weight, waterproof, and can be easily folded into the pouch until needed. When the shroud is pulled over your head, the specialized fabric falls to the sides of your face. Two magnets slap together on the front bottom side to lock it in place around the scope, and rifle.  

Why use the GlarEnd Shroud?

                The early morning sun in the East and the evening sun in the West present a unique obstacle of sun glare for the hunter. This is especially true for those who wear glasses. There is a short period of time when the sun is so blinding that it is near impossible to look in that direction. 

               Why is the sun more blinding in the Fall and winter?

                One morning I was squinting my eyes and noticed a good size buck walk out about 100 yards away. I put my rifle scope up to my eye and the picture that I saw was severe glare and whiteness. My eye also hurt from the peripheral sun light as I struggled to keep it open and focus through my scope. I was forced to put my rifle down and watch his image slowly disappear into the wood line.

               The image of being in a tunnel and looking through my scope flashed before my eyes and the the GlarEnd Shroud was born. I realized that by eliminating the glare from the sun on my glasses, scope lens and ultimately my eyes, I was able to see images better, and significantly improve my focus when shooting. 

                You always wear a hat when you hunt, so why not wear one that prepares you for predictable sun glare! Don’t let the sun ruin your hunt of a lifetime when your animal walks out in the direction of the sun. 

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